DIY Animal Agility Equipment

DIY Information for making/building/diy Agility Equipment for Mice, Mouse, Gerbil/Gerbils Hamster/Hamsters, Rabbit/Rabbits, /Cat/Feline/Kitten/Kitty/Cats, Dog/Dogs, Fish, Pet Rats/Rats/Ratties, Guinea Pig/Pigs/Cavy/Cavies, Ferret, Ferrets, and even Equine, Horse/Horses/Pony/Ponies/Donkey/Donkeys, Mule/Mules...

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Please check our MANY websites set up for those species. We have ideas, information and patterns for making your own animal agility equipment and courses, and we share it for FREE.

We also have ideas for FREE and GREEN Agility Equipment and Course on our Sites. As well as Training Ideas, Crafts, and Tricks you can teach your pets on the sites also.

You Can Start At:

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