Dolls & Doll Items 0 item(s)

These items will each have their own description per item.

Some of the Dolls will be New In Box, others will be some that I have Rescued from Garage Sales and Thrift Stores, some cleaned up and dressed, some not.

The 3D Items, such as Doll Stands, Buttons, Shoe Soles and other accessories, were designed and printed by Deron.

I try to give the best descriptions and several photos of the items as I possibly can. All of the Doll Clothing was Hand Crafted and tried on dolls to make sure of the fit.

We hope you will have a look at our items Crafted here in the USA.

Doll Clothing 5 item(s)

Hand Crafted Doll Clothing made in the USA!

Doll Stands 5 item(s)

Doll Stands that were Designed by Deron and are 3D Printed in the USA.

Doll Shoes Soles 5 item(s)

These are JUST the Shoe Soles for Crafting. You make your own Shoes using these Soles. It is a lot of fun and some Dolls will come without Shoes.

Doll Head Pieces 1 item(s)

These are Hand Crafted Hats, Headbands, Clips and Pins that you might like for your Doll's Hair/Head.

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